On this page you can send us your preferred date for the container. We bring the container directly to your place of work. Of course, you can also have several containers placed. Feel free to ask, we look forward to your message.

contact person

Wouter Vd Weide

+ (06) 29 04 03 68 (NL)

Hendrik Vd Weide

+ (06) 52 63 81 00 (NL)

Der Platz in Twist in der Dieselstraße - kommen Sie uns besuchen.


Van der Weide Recycling

Dieselstr. 12
49767 Twist

Phone: 06 29 04 03 68 (NL) for all kinds of questions


Recycling - What kind of Works we do

  • Free container placement from 1m³ to 40m³
  • Purchase from private and commercial
  • Everything is billed according to the daily rate.
  • All kinds of breaking work

Not what you are looking for? Let us in touch – we will find a solution.

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